P RISM- A Photonic Integrated Circuit User Program is an initiative of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore to cultivate and support photonic integrated circuit research in the country.

Photonics innovation is driving technology for the future. Understanding and manipulating light has led to some of the critical advances in science and engineering. Photonics encompasses generation, manipulation, engineering, and detection of light. Through this basic form of energy, we storge and communicate information in ways that were have never imagined before. Data processing using conventional microprocessors and interconnects are reaching their limits. Increasing demand for bandwidth at low power is pushing innovation.

Photonics offers an inherent advantage over conventional electronics. Processing and communication using light could be done with high-speed and bandwidth; the speed of light is the fastest that we know today! How about exploiting light? We are already using light for short and long-distance communication, thanks to optical fibres. How about making a photonic circuit where photons could be manipulated like in the electronic circuit? With all the advantage that light offers and ability to control the flow of light, a disruptive technology is emerging in the horizon, Photonic Integrated circuit.

Ability to generate, manipulate, process, and detector light on-chip offer immense opportunity for building next-generation photonics-enabled systems. In addition to data communication, the photonic integrated circuit technology is penetrating a wide range of applications including astronomy, bio-sensing, chemical-sensing, quantum technology, and metrology.

Realising the need to create awareness and support research activity across India Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore has initiated PRISM- A photonic integrated circuit user program. The program envisages creating a vibrant academic and research activity in the country through introductory to an advanced level workshop in photonic integrated circuits, hands-on design and fabrication training, and research project execution support.

The program has four levels of outreach and support. To inculcate interest in photonics, a popular monthly lecture is planned to reach out to undergraduate and senior school students. For focused training, three-stage workshops and the hands-on program is set up to address the knowledge gap and resource accessibility. Researchers with innovative ideas are supported with the expert advice and fabrication facility.

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Brief program outline

– White level (Level-0)

– Blue level (Level-1)

– Green level (Level-2)

– Orange level (level-3)