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Basic Training Program/Familiarization Workshop

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Research Project Proposal

The Indian Nanoelectronics Users Program (INUP) intends to facilitate experimentation of research ideas of Indian researchers in the general area of nanoelectronics. This program provides easy access to latest facilities at CEN in IISc and at IITB, for a wider research community in India.

Through INUP both IISc, Bangalore and IIT, Bombay propose two kinds of interactions with outside agency. By outside agency we mean any entity in India like an academic institution, university, a research laboratory, a government department or an industry.

Medium-term projects (3-12 months) conducted by the outside agency at the facilities at IISc or IITB.

Short-term measurements/ fabrication (1week-3months) conducted for (and sometimes by) the outside agency at IISc/IITB.

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