Hands-On Training/ Advanced Training Program

Hands-on Training/ Advanced Training Program on Nanofabrication and Characterization Techniques

The hands-on training/ Advanced Training Program will be provided on various equipment and processes in the state of the art clean room facility of CEN for those who have attended the INUP Familiarization Workshop/ Basic Training Program in the past at IISc Bangalore, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, IIT Guwahati or at IIT Kharagpur .

The details of the high end nanotechnology equipments at CEN, IISc are available here:


Training Modules:

1. Hands-on Training/ Advanced Training Program on MEMS Cantilever Fabrication.

Contents - Selection of Silicon Wafer, RCA cleaning, Pyrogenic/Wet oxidation,Photolithography (Dehydration, Photoresist resist coating, Aligning and Exposing, Developing), Oxide etching,Wet etching, Cantilever device release using Reactive Ion Etching, Microscope inspection, Characterization of the devices using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Laser Doppler vibrometry (LDV).

2. Hands-on Training/ Advanced Training Program on MOS Capacitor (Nanoelectronics) Fabrication.

Contents - Fabrication and Electrical Characterization of MOS Capacitor

3. Hands-on Training/ Advanced Training Program on Solar Cell (Photovoltaics) Fabrication.

Contents - Selection of Silicon Wafer, RCA cleaning Pyrogenic/WET oxidation, lithography (Dehydration, Photoresist coating, Aligning and Exposing, Developing), oxide etching using Reactive Ion Etching, deposition and diffusion, Contact lithography, Front Metallization (Sputtering or e-beam Evaporation), Lift-off, lithography (front side pattern protection), oxide etching on the back side, Backside metallization(Sputtering or e-beam Evaporation), Forming Gas Annealing, characterization of the fabricated devices by in an IV probe station and a solar simulator.

4. Hands-on Training/ Advanced Training Program on Gas Sensors Fabrication.

Contents - a.Growth of oxide layer on Silicon, b.Characterization of oxide thickness with ellipsometry, c.Lithography to define array, d.Measurement of diffraction signals.

The above training modules will be run in parallel. Training in each module begins with an introduction to clean room protocols, safety practices, and a brief introduction to process modules and process integration.

* During application you are required to select only one of these modules.

* Typically 5-7 participants will be allowed in each module.

* If the number of applicants is fewer than 3, the respective module may be cancelled.

During this "Hands-on Training/ Advanced Training Program", you will have opportunity to be in the clean room fabrication facility and work with various equipments and processes to make basic micro / nano scale devices. There will be experienced technologists to brief you and help you go through training modules. The training modules are well designed to offer you experience on wafer cleaning process (RCA1 and RCA2), Wet / Dry Oxidation, Wet chemical etching, thermal evaporation, RF sputtering, photolithography and Mask making process. You will have opportunity to use characterization equipments to extract properties of the devices fabricated during your training. The purpose of organizing this training is to offer hands on experience to prospect users of CEN facilities at IISc.

You will have opportunity to interact and discuss your research issues with experienced faculty members and get their views to evolve at focused problems. Some of these may be taken up as projects to be undertaken by external users at IISc facilities.

There is no registration fees and expenses like TA and lodging for academic participants. Accommodation will be arranged by INUP at IISc as per rule, and TA will be provided equivalent upto 3rd AC Rail fare for Faculty/Postdoc Researchers (completed PhD), Faculty pursuing PhD and Research Scholars by the shortest route from the place of work to Bangalore and back. No DA will be provided for this period.

Selection Criteria

Young faculty members and scholars registered for PhD with research interest on related areas will begiven the highest priority for selection.

Undergraduate and master levels course students are normally not selcted for this program.

Research scientists from national research centers and Scientists from private industries are welcome to attend this program at payment basis only. However, they will not be eligible for any travel support.

Please contact us for the payment details.

Hands-On Training/ Advanced Training Program

Always book your train ticket in advance so that you won't miss the chance once you get the selection.

Please submit NOC form duly signed from the Head of the Institution. Those who have sent their registration forms through mail need not submit their applications online.

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