Fabrication, characterization and Applications of ZnO and TiO2 thin films prepared by Sol-Gel method

The Project was successfully executed by Mr. Vishwas M from Department of Physics, Govt. Science College, Tumkur, at CEN under INUP

The objective of the project is to synthesis ZnO thin films by thermal oxidation of Zn films evaporated in vacuum onto different substrates by thermal evaporation and electron beam evaporation methods. TiO2 and ZnO sol was prepared and resultant sol was spin coated on silicon substrates . The ZnO and TiO2 films were annealed at different temperatures in steps of 100°C up to 500°C. The TiO2 and ZnO films were characterized with IV and CV measurements at different annealing temperatures and different signal frequencies using Agilent LCR meter. ZnO and TiO2 films were annealed at different temperatures and their nanostructures were explored using Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) at CEN. Some of the films are shown below.

ZnO nano rods were observed for the films annealed at 900°C

SiO2 film annealed at 500°C

TiO2 film annealed at 800°C

ZnO thin films annealed at 500°C