Fabrication and characterization of ZnO based thin film transistors

The Project was successfully executed by Ms. Shivalini Singh from Dept. of Electronics Engineering, IT, BHU, Varanasi.

The project aims to fabricate ZnO based MSM photodetector and heterojunction p-n photodetector for its possible application as a detector in U.V.region for optical communication and non telecommunication applications such as gas sensors. For fabrication of MSM photodetector Laser writer was used.Deposition of ZnO thin film was done by R.F.sputtering. Characterization of film was done by AFM, SEM and XRD. Ellipsometric measurement was performed for measuring thickness of the film and for conductivity measurement four-probe measurement was performed.The following results were achieved at CEN.

ZnO thin films deposited on Si and ITO coated glass substrates

Picture of Zno based TFT showing source and drain of AL(topview)