Winners of Hackathon 2022

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The deadline has been extended till 23rd Oct 2022.


What process will have to be followed?

The Piezo MEMS process is attached herewith. Piezo MEMS process

What is the format for the initial proposal?

The proposal should be have 3 pages with details on motivation, device design, optimization, simulations, characterization plan, a packaging scheme, and images of mask layout of the proposed design.

Is there any restriction on the software used to layout of masks?

No. There are free softwares such as KLayout which can be used for layout and if you have access to proprietary software, that is fine too. The accepted layout will be in gds format.

Will team submissions be accepted?


Are there restrictions on team size?

Teams should be no larger than 2 people.

Who is eligible to submit an entry?

There is no age, affiliation or background restriction.

When will the results of the 1st round of selection be declared?

The 30 entries will be selected and intimated by 15Nov.

What happens after 30 teams are selected?

The 30 teams will be asked to submit their GDS designs which must meet the design rules specified. These designs will be checked using a design rule checker. Provided the submission meets the design rules specified, you will be asked to make a presentation on December 27th.

When will the final results be announced?

The final results will be announced by December 31st.

Can we propose our own process?

No. You have to stick to the process mentioned by us.

Will the candidates have to come to Bangalore?

Only the winners of the competition will have to opportunity to come to CeNSE as stated in the poster.

Is there a recommended course or book?

Here is a link to NPTEL course on Nanofabrication:
A good textbook to learn about MEMS is Steve Senturia’s “Microsystem Design”.