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Winners of Hackathon 2023

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FAQ for Hackthon:

What are IDE details?

The IDE details are attached herewith. IDE DETAILS

What is the format for the initial proposal?

Keep the research proposal limited to 2-3 pages with the details of how best you can use the given IDEs for innovative scientific studies and applications. Include details on-

  • motivation
  • device design,
  • optimization,
  • simulations, and
  • characterization plan

Is there any restriction on the software used?


Will team submissions be accepted?


Are there restrictions on team size?

Teams should be no larger than 2 people.

Who is eligible to submit an entry?

There is no age, affiliation or background restriction.

When will the results of the 1st round of selection be declared?

The 05 best proposals will be selected and intimated by 15Nov

What happens after 05 best proposals are selected?

Those with the best 5 proposals will receive these IDEs from us and upon completion of the proposed work, will receive a cash award of Rs. 10,000/- and a certificate of recognition for their accomplishment.

Will the selected candidates have to come to Bangalore?

We can facilitate the selected candidate if they wish to come to CeNSE, IISc Bangalore to do their experiments.